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    After my son finished preschool, we were on to the quite different world of elementary school We were in the same city for his kindergarten year, but in a new neighborhood where we didn’t yet know any of the kids. His preschool buddies had scattered far and wide (some as far as to moving Europe), and we were both a little unsure of how everything would pan out. We knew all would be well in the end, but there were lots of questions about what would happen along the way.

    The biggest difference I noticed between preschool and elementary school room momming is that I had far less access to the other parents in my son’s class, a situation that brought with it new challenges for planning and implementing projects and events. Gone were the days of drop off and pick up that required door-to-door escorts. In was the notion of a “pick-up line number,” a hang tag I displayed as I drove up to the school and which was called over the PA to summon my child to the car.  For the first time ever, I could have – had I so chosen – gone weeks without setting foot in the school building.

    As the class room mom, this meant I couldn’t assume I’d have face time with the other parents, or even the teachers, unless I made a point to arrange for some.

    On this page, I’ll be posting info, tips, and advice for successful elementary school-level room momming. I’m going to be surveying my teacher friends, too, to see what they wish room moms would do, would not do, etc.


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