• Preschool


    Like most parents, I (and I am sure you) want to make my children’s school years as positive as they can be.  When my son was almost 2, I started checking out preschools in our area, and then began the application process. I had several criteria in mind as I did this:

    1. It had to be NAEYC-accredited (the gold standard, imho).
    2. I wanted a school with a variety of schedules (2 days/per week for twos, 2-3 days/week for threes, 4-5 day/week for fours).
    3. I wanted a school that stressed parental involvement – I didn’t want to be the only one spending time and effort at the school helping out. Also, parental involvement would give me some insight into what kind of children my own child would be associating with and helped me to rest assured that my child was meeting other children and families who shared our values. It’s never to early to know your child’s friends (and their parents), after all.
    4. I wanted a child-centered curriculum that was developmentally appropriate, and I wanted lesson plans posted for all parents to see, so we could know for certain that the plans were being carried out.

    In short, I was looking for a group of like-minded souls who could help my son to become the best preschooler he could be and set him on a path toward loving school, learning, and the academic setting.

    I also wasn’t about to set him loose in the big world without my being there to see it happen. This is how I first became a room mom.


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