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    June 9th, 2010Musings

    We’ve only got two more days left in the school year here, and excitement is mounting – and not just among the kids! I’ve been working with my son’s teacher to put together a fun, low-key day for Friday, in hopes of keeping everyone happy and sane. School is only in session for 4 hrs that day, which does help!

    My son’s class will be watching a movie, doing class awards, some reflecting (his teacher has a “looking back”-type survey for them to fill out: My favorite subject this year was… My best friends this year were…), and, of course, there will be snacks.

    When I dropped by the room late last week, the teacher gave the kids an overview of the last day, including sharing with them that they’d be seeing a movie. Needless to say, it was interesting to hear what some kids suggested for the day’s film. I’ll start by saying, what they will be watching is some portion of Planet Earth. This thrills my son, as he’s an animal lover and nature freak, but some kids weren’t so thrilled. What did they want to see? Coraline (a movie that scares even me, it looks so creepy), Avatar, and Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland. While I have nothing against any of these (well, except, maybe Coraline), it surprised me how many of them went for slightly creepy &/or violent films. It’s made me wonder if I’m more strict about what I allow my son to watch? (Full disclosure: he’s got Transformers and Transformers 2 memorized.) Maybe I’m not so much strict as just not convinced my son needs to know all about Tim Burton yet? Frankly, I thought they’d all ask for one of the Harry Potter movies – I know it’s what I’d pick if I was given a choice.

    While they watch the movie, the kids can look forward to homemade goodies from our fabulous parents – we’ve got cupcakes, cookies, Rice Krispy teats, popcorn, juice, and bottled water coming in.  I tried to steer people toward sending in more healthy snacks, but hey, I’m making cupcakes, so I don’t have much room to talk, do I? ;-)

    If I had all the time in the world, I’d make Star Wars cookies using my new cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma, but instead I think those will have to wait until next year. I guess this gives me all summer to perfect my icing piping skills! (They’ll also be a great “kick off summer” surprise for my son. I can’t wait to get baking!)

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