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    August 13th, 2010Musings, Projects

    I can’t believe the summer is almost over. My son has just 10 more days before the new year begins. Where did the time go?!? I have friends in other states whose children have already gone back to school, though, so I am trying to be thankful for the final days and to enjoy them as much as we can.

    Part of the final days of summer, of course, is devoted to back to school activities. We picked up the packet full of forms to fill out this week, have made our annual donation to the school’s support fund, and have bought all the new supplies for the year. When I was a kid, buying school supplies was one of my favorite back to school rituals. There’s something about new folders, fresh, unused pencils, and – my favorite – new binders, that just thrilled me. To be honest, I still get a kick out of it, even though the supplies are no longer for me.

    I spent this morning going over the supply list, making sure we had all that was requested of us, and labeling all that seems to need a label. One item my son has been asked to bring is a 2-inch, 3-ring binder. The stores didn’t have any with designs he liked, so we decided to decorate one ourselves. The results, if I do say so myself, are fabulous! Now we’ve got a binder in his favorite color, featuring pictures he took &/or chose. There’s no question, when you look at it, this binder really represents who he is.

    This is about as a simple a project as you could ever hope to undertake. All you need is a 3-ring binder, some scrapbooking paper (we used the 12×12 size and then cut it down as needed), and a printer with some good photo paper. Browse through your photo archive, print, and voila! You’ve got a cool, custom binder in under 30 minutes!

    The elephant pictures we used here were ones we took a few weeks ago while we were at our local zoo. The elephants are my son’s favorite animal, and they were in fine form that day. We’d never seen an elephant give himself a bath before! The horse pictures are ones we found online.

    Binder front

    Binder, full view

    Binder back

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